House Plant Heaven

Come shop our thriving selection of premium house plants and unique pots. Take advantage of our free potting service when you find the perfect match!

Build A Box Station

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone in town or across the county? Either way, our Build A Box station is set up just for you.

- Choose a box or bag
- Choose your card
- Choose your items
- We'll take care of the rest

You can take your gift with you to give in person or we can ship it anwhere in the US.

There are many personalized, handmade, and locally sourced items to suite any gifting budget.

Address & Hours

Located at:

4191 North George St Ext Manchester, PA 17345


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 12-6pm

Thursday: 12-6pm

Friday: 12-8pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: Closed For Private Events

It all started with one plant

And from there grew into something neither of us expected.

For 15 years we've supported each other's insane ideas, and then, three years ago we took a leap of faith, and began our own small town homestead. There, we've been able to grow creatively and as a couple. We want to personally thank you for joining us on this journey and supporting a small business.

Creating Memories

Through Plants

When you visit us we try to make your experience memorable. We want you to feel like friends, which is why we call all our buyers, clients, not customers. Our goal is to create a bond with our clients so they return again and again.

Knowing we're creating memories for you and your recipients makes our experience as plant sellers so much more meaningful.

Thank you for being a part of our little plant shop.

Get Started Building A Gift Box

The Plant Box Co Family

People Who Love Plants

Our Team:

Brina - Chief Succulent Lover and Knower of ALL The Plant Things, also Flower Obsessed

Ok kidding, but she knows a lot, and she really loves plants, her focus is customer experience and design. Brina is a part of every wedding, event, and item you see in the store.

Matt - Lover Of Spreadsheets

Matt dabbles in plants and loves to look at them, but his favorite thing is building our beautiful shop and all the behind the scene things we need to keep running.

Ronni - Professional Smiler and Plant Talker, Event Assistant

If our plants are sad, Ronni is the girl to perk them right back up, she also pots every single plant we send for you and helps ship each box. You will always find her out in the community at our events.

Natalie- Shop Assistant and List Lover

Natalie assists both clients in the front of our shop and in the back with online orders, she can get any list done as fast as we can write it!

Eryn- Professional Flower Sniffer, Event Florist

A recent addition to our wedding staff, Eryn comes with a nose (and brain) for beautiful flowers and design with several years of experience. You can find her assisting with wedding flowers and handling design prep.

Please reach out if you have any questions.