Welcome To Our Vendor Partner Program!

September 2023: We are full for the year, thank you!

Welcome to our vendor partner program, where creativity and uniqueness thrive! We are thrilled to offer a platform for talented artisans like you to showcase and sell your creative, handmade products to a wide audience. Our vendor program is designed to empower artists, crafters, and creators by providing a supportive environment to turn your passion into a successful business.

As a vendor in our program, you will have the opportunity to reach a diverse customer base who appreciates and values the beauty of handmade products. Whether you specialize in handcrafted jewelry, exquisite ceramics, unique textiles, or any other creative medium, our shop is the perfect place to share your artistic vision and connect with buyers who share your enthusiasm.

Our vendor program operates on a consignment and rent model, which means that we provide you with a designated space inside our shop and handle the logistics of sales, marketing, and customer support, allowing you to focus on what you do best: crafting exceptional handmade goods. Here's how our program works:

How Our Program Works:

1. Application and Evaluation: To join our vendor program, you will need to submit an application that includes information about yourself, your creative process, and the products you wish to consign. Our team carefully evaluates each application to ensure that your offerings align with our commitment to quality and uniqueness.

2. Consignment Agreement: Once accepted, We will provide you with a Vendor Service Agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of our partnership. This agreement will cover important details such as pricing, payment structure, and any additional guidelines specific to our shop.

3. Product Titles and Pricing: We will then send you a shared google sheet where you will fill out your product catalogue and set up your first stocking of Plant Box Co.

4. Setting Up the Point Of Sale: We will then enter your products into our point of sale and connect them to your vendor portal were you will be able to view your product inventory, sales, current commission amount owed, and previous commission payouts.

5. Setting Up Your Display Area: From there you will be able to set up a time to bring your items into the shop and set up your display area. Most display areas are made up of (1) 18 inch wide x 12 inch tall wooden crate with a light to highlight your products. We also have al limited number of larger spaces available for a higher monthly rent. We will work with you to set up your space in the best way to display your products.

6. Sales and Marketing: As a vendor, you can rely on our marketing expertise to promote your products and drive sales. Through our website, social media channels, and targeted advertising campaigns, we will help you reach a broader audience and increase your visibility in the market. But we don't do it alone. As a partnership we require each vendor to post (ie stories, reels, or static post) once per week tagging Plant Box Co. Vendors may elect to share a post Plant Box Co has created, or create their own post on whichever social media platform they prefer. We believe that by working together we can better serve the community.

7. Order Processing: When a customer purchases your product, we handle the order processing, including payment collection and reporting. Our dedicated team ensures that each product is carefully packaged maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

8. Performance Analytics and Support: We provide a vendor portal with 24/7 access to reports and analytics to help you track the performance of your products. These insights will enable you to make informed decisions about inventory management, pricing, and marketing strategies. Additionally, our support team is always available to address any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

9. Payments and Payouts: Rent payments and Commission Payouts are on the 1st Monday of each Month.

Joining our vendor program offers an incredible opportunity to showcase your talent, expand your reach, and build a successful business in the handmade industry. We are committed to fostering a collaborative and rewarding partnership that empowers artisans like you. So, if you are ready to embark on this creative journey with us, we warmly invite you to apply and become a part of our vibrant community of artisans and connoisseurs of handmade excellence.

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  • Shared Google Sheet

    • Add new products to your product catalog/database

    • Update pricing of existing products

    • Add inventory of existing products to Plant Box Co shop

    • Remove inventory of existing products from Plant Box Co shop

      Your Google Sheet link was shared with you during onboarding. If you have misplaced this link please email us at info@plantboxco.com

  • Vendor Partner Portal

    • View product inventory

    • View sales

    • View current commission amount owed

    • View previous commission payouts

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Best Practices for Success!

  • Weekly posting on your social media outlets related to your products and Plant Box Co.

  • Analysis of existing sales to see what products are selling and what are not and then removing products that have not been selling

  • Adding products that are performing well at other locations

  • Adding seasonal and holiday products at least 1 month before the season or holiday and then removing them at the end of the season or holiday.